Sep 14, 2008

How I Learned Back Mount and the RNC

Holy hell I've been busy.

As I'm an hour away from the first meeting of the WashU Jiu Jitsu club, I thought it would be appropriate to share how I learned and how I teach the Back Mount to beginners. I'm all about semi-free form drills, so if some of these sound a little strange, I apologize.

Drill #1

Uke turtles.

You are off on the side, with a near arm hook around the neck and the other arm underhooking the near arm, both hands Gable gripped.

Drill begins as soon as you start moving by stepping out for the far side hook with your leg (Opponent begins resisting).

Drill continues until RNC/Armbar or Uke escapes.

Drill #2

Uke is under your mount.

Drill starts, and opponent begins trying to escape by shrimping and bridging.

Uke- 2 Points for Escaping Mount, drill restarts if he escapes

1 Point for maintaining Mount for 1 minute w/o sub
1 Point for transitioning to the back and maintaining Back Mount for 1 minute w/o sub
1 Points for Sub from Mount
2 Points for RNC

Switch positions after first to reach 6 points.

Drill #3

Drill starts standing, grip fighting.

Uke does not attack, only defends.

You must Armdrag to take the back and clinch from behind.

Drill ends once Uke is dragged down and Back Mount is attained, switch positions. Otherwise, drill restarts.

I'd like to hear your varients and other such drills. Post them here, or email me!


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Michael said...

Hey I'm a freshman this year at washU and I've been trying to find the Jiu Jitsu club since I got here. I've been doing Jiu Jitsu for a year and a half and havn't been able to train since I got here. Please E-mail me if you can help me find the club or a good gym in St. Louis.

Punch Kick Choke said...

join the washu jiu jitsu group - we meet fridays, usually, and we're starting to bring back a little bit of gi work. message me (yoon) or david julia.