Oct 30, 2008

Defending the Old School Sweep (Half Guard)

I still find that a significant number of BJJ people still have issues defending lockdown/double triangle based half guard sweeps, Eddie Bravo's famous Old School Sweep in particular.

There is the Sprinter escape from the lockdown, but lets say that your opponent has started the sweep already by pushing you up and grabbing the double underhooks (To which you should immediately posture up and post your outside arm out or risk getting sweeped real easily).

1) Deep overhook his near arm

2) As he brings his leg under and begins to roll, get ready for the reversal

3) As soon as he finishes, pummel your other hand for an underhook, and try to grab your other hand (the previously overhooked one)

4) Continue the roll in the direction he was sweeping you, and you will land in a modified scarf hold (Stocks, Base out with your legs as you would with a normal scarf) and you can neck crank him from there, as shown in the video.



'adi said...

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'adi (www.senimanbeladiri.blogspot.com)

pop said...

Solid technique. I love the Old School, so-

A good way to prevent the reversal shown in the video is to make sure that your grip around your opponent is ultra tight, and to make sure you don't release the grip around the foot as soon as the sweep is completed.

MMA Bart said...

That's a cool counter. I see a lot of people not reaching around the back to grip both hands together when they go for the old school. Like the comment above noticed, I think you just have to be sneaky and shift your body right to either block the counter or to pull it off as shown.