Nov 28, 2008

The Bayev Bite

Here's a No-Gi technique that I have been trying to experiment with- the Bayev Bite, shown here by its creator, Elliot Bayev.

It's a stupid simple bicep slicer which also lends itself nicely as an armdrag set up.

1) From closed guard, shoot your hand under the shoulder across from you, just as you would with an armdrag.

2) Instead of dragging that arm across, which your opponent should already be attempting to resist, you bring up your other hand, and clasp your palms together in a palm-to-palm grip.

3) Squeeze your forearms together while curling them towards you for the tap

4) If he turns his arm around to escape, arm drag him.

Try it out!


Anonymous said...

I just tapped an unsuspecting sucker with it- nice post.

Stephan From Beginner BJJ said...

Elliott is a friend of mine, and a very creative grappler. His students are lucky to have him as a teacher!

Anonymous said...

That is why this is my favourite blog, in a country where BJJ is not popular I can get this fantastic tips, thank"S.

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