Nov 13, 2008

Fast Omoplata Setup from Guard

Here's a pretty good way to catch somebody with a quick Hail Mary Omoplata submission no-gi:

Essentially, as soon as your opponent posts his arm out, you're going to pivot right into an omoplata-

Note, a good way for you to work this omoplata setup, since most grapplers will not roll and willingly post their hands on the mat constantly, is to go for a Hip Bump sweep first to force the hand to the mat.

-Open up the guard, while hooking with the attacking leg, throw out the far leg to gain as much momentum as possible, and pivot on your hips. Make sure that you're keeping your head and upper body tucked in while pivoting.

-Catch the attacking leg with the far leg as soon as possible. MAKE SURE that as you're getting the omoplata, to raise your hips as you get it.

-Immediately post up on your near arm, posture, control your opponent's hips, and finish the omoplata as usual.


Anonymous said...

Thank"s I"m going back to training next week (maybe actually) and I want to try this one. I saw this video once but I didn"t get the details.

Stephan from said...

Hey! That looks familiar...

Thanks for posting that video. I think it's important to realize that this way of doing the Omo Plata is mostly a training method, and not a fighting technique per se.

Yes you can definitely catch people with it as a 'Hail Mary' technique (just like you said), but mostly practicing it this way helps develop the attributes and reactions that you will need to apply the Omo Plata in other situations.

When you do an Omo Plata 'for real' a few steps of it might come from the fast method, and the rest of the steps would come from another omo plata entry or setup

Stephan Kesting

Punch Kick Choke said...

Haha- you make a good point-

As I said, most people won't go around post their hands on their mat for no reason, so I prefer the hip bump setup myself.

Thank you for your input, and I went ahead and downloaded your ebook on, and I'd recommended it for anyone starting jiu jitsu.

I'd be happy to write you a testimonial if you'd like.

Anonymous said...

Thank"s for put this E Book for free I already downloaded it.

Stephan from BeginningBJJ said...

Any reviews or post or testimonials would be very appreciated. It's a new 'product' (if something that's free can be a product), and it would help get the word out.