Nov 4, 2008

Win a Free Training Session with Urijah “The California Kid” Faber!

Tomorrow, there will be Urijah Faber, Paulo Filho, and Jens Pulver fighting in the WEC on Versus, which I am highly excited about- Faber will be be defending his Featherweight Title against Mike Brown and Filho will be defending the Middleweight Title in a rematch with Chael Sonnen. I expect both champions to retain their titles in this MMA event, with the Filho/Sonnen match being a little closer. Also, I'm fairly sure that Pulver will be running right over Leonard Garcia. I know that fight will be on the undercard, but I hope they show it on TV.

Now, that would be exciting in itself, but I was just notified of a promotion being run by Versus to win a VIP trip to Sacramento for a training session with the Featherweight Champ himself, Urijah Faber, at the Ultimate Fitness Gym.


To enter, click the link below and enter your email for a chance to win this thing: -> I believe you have until Dec 3 to enter.

Damn, can you imagine a free private training session with Faber? It would be the sweetest series of beatdowns I can think of.

Good luck on winning, and hope you guys watch the fight tomorrow.


Erik M said...

learn how to get knocked out in 2 minutes...poor urijah

Anonymous said...

yeah... ouch.