Dec 3, 2008

Calf Slicer/Calf Crush from Half guard

Here's a technique for an easy tap from half guard- the Calf Slicer/Crush

1) From Half Guard, you attain Double Underhooks (Note- this works very well for people who use the Lockdown Half Guard game. There is always also the Kamikaze Calf Crush that you can do without the arms.)

2) You pop your opponent up, and you get under and try to sit up towards the trapped leg of your opponent.

3) You let go of whatever hold you had on that leg, and you thread your shin behind the knee of it. The video shows your outside leg going in, but I prefer the inside one.

4) Grab the foot of the leg you are attacking, and pull back for the Calf Crush/Slicer


Kay said...

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Anonymous said...

A great technique which can be used from so many positions. When in half guard, this should always be looked for.