Dec 2, 2008

Omoplata from Spider Guard

Since I don't do much Gi work any more, the Spider Guard is not something I see on a day-to-day basis. However, for those of you that do Gi work regularly, the Spider is definitely a guard type that you should look into- tons of sweeps, triangle setups, and many other submissions.

The Omoplata from Spider Guard (attacking the left shoulder):

1) Attain Spider Guard - sleeve control, open guard, scoot hips, feet in hips, scoot hips, then feet in biceps near the elbow.

2) Get ready for the Omoplata by letting go with the right foot control while pulling forward on the opponent's left sleeve and scooting your right hip out, and pushing back with the left foot.

3) Throw the right leg over the left shoulder, get up, triangle the legs, control the opponent's hips, and finish the Omoplata.

Note - When the opponent postures up and you're not up already, let go of the triangle, cross your ankles, and extend your legs for maximum resistance.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you and thank you, I let a message in the Turkey post, I was looking for something like this.