Dec 6, 2008

Sambosteve's (Stephen Koepfer) Sambo Seminar in Russia

Mr. Koepfer, aka SamboSteve, was invited to give a Sambo seminar in Russia for the FKE, the All Russian Federation of Fighting, and he videotaped most of it.

If you do not know, Mr. Koepfer is the president of the American Sambo Association - ( and I hold him in very high regard when it comes to instruction (See my interview with him here: For proof of this, go ahead and watch the videos below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Edward Mendoza - Music Video Director - Los Angeles, California said...

Very cool how he inverted his position and then brought the guy down, reminded me of that one asian guy that jumped and got the guy into an arm bar, what was his name?

Anonymous said...

Rumina Sato?

Edward Mendoza - Music Video Director - Los Angeles, California said...

No, not Sato; but he's amazing too:

PepperSprayKing said...

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Sambosteve said...

Thanks for posting this :)