Jan 15, 2009

(BJJ) Half Guard Sweep to Taking the Back Option

This should be obvious, but to make most moves work reliably, you have to make your opponent react in a way that helps you, whether by baiting or forcing him to do something, ie pulling to make your opponent pull back, then Osoto Gari-ing him to the mat, or forcing your opponent post his hands on your chest from under mount by punching him in the face, then armbarring him.

This sweep from the Half Guard completely relies on this principle, as you can't finish it without your opponent resisting your initial motion.


-You start in Half Guard bottom, (On your side, facing your opponent, not lying flat) with your opponent sitting up.

-You grab the far side sleeve/wrist and pull across while using your legs to assist in the motion.

-Of course, your opponent will try to pull back to defend a sweep attempt he believes already happened.

-Using this to your advantage, whip the arm you are controlling around to the outside and pull. You are trying to pull his body in a perpendicular direction from you.

-Lift with the legs, (Your leg that was previously outside should be barred across the waist) and continue the roll over your shoulder.

-You can either secure side control from here, or try to force him towards you to take the back, as your arm placement at the end is ideal to do so.


Anonymous said...

Very nice, I have a lot of problem in Half Guard so everything about it is very apreciated.

'adi as-salafy said...

Lain kali tolong post ttg cara melancarkan Roundhouse kick ya..
'adi (www.senimanbeladiri.blogspot.com)