Jan 25, 2009

Classic Read: Kill or be Killed by Col. Rex Applegate

I stumbled on this not too long ago-

"Kill or be Killed"
by Colonel Rex Applegate

READ HERE: http://judoinfo.com/pdf/Kill_or_Get_Killed.pdf

If you don't know what this book is, it is the former Marine Corps Close Quarters Combat manual that Col. Applegate wrote while at OSS and training Special Forces.

It's a bit outdated, of course, but it is a great read, and knowing that Kill or be Killed is considered the classic text on Western H2H combat. Applegate took a lot of William Fairburn's Defendu style of fighting (that was developed during Fairburn's time with the Shanghai police and his exposure to Chinese Martial Arts) and added a bit more Judo and Jujitsu to it.

This book, along with unarmed combat, also covers the knife fighting methods that he and Fairburn created, pistol combat, baton usage, and much more.

Definitely a good weekend read- right click on the link and download it!


Anonymous said...

that's pretty awesome

Jay said...

Nice find.

'adi as-salafy said...

Mantap bos..
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Dean Walsh said...

interesting, thanx.

Gah said...

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