Jan 1, 2009

A New Year's Resolution for Martial Artists

Happy New Year's, everyone!

Now, with 2009 here, you might not have a Martial Artist's New Year's Resolution ready- I have several ready for you!

(Check The Ones That Fit You and Your Needs)

I (your name here), resolve to...
__Train Harder
__Spar More Often
__Get My Next Belt
__Be Less Afraid of Contact/Learn To Take a Hit
__Quit Ninjutsu
__Quit Kiddie Karate/Tae Kwon Do
__Quit Wing Chun
__Quit Not-So-Reality-Based RBSD
__Take Up a Full-Contact Martial Art That Encourages Sparring With Resistance
__Understand That I am Not a Shaolin Monk/Samurai/Ninja
__Stop Trying To Learn a Martial Art from YouTube/Books
__Learn To Grapple (With a Gi/Without a Gi)
__Stop Pulling Guard and Learn How to Throw
__Quit Lying About My Abilities
__Get in Shape
__Be Less of a Jerk to My Sparring Partners
__Quit Doing Drugs
__Start Doing Drugs
__Be More Open-Minded
__Stop Nutriding (Name of Fighter/Martial Art)
__Make Martial Arts an Outlet for My Frustrations, Not a Source

My New Year's Resolution?
Make fewer posts and say fewer things that may offend people.
Yeah, I'm kind of @#$@'d on that one.

Happy New Year's, and here's to hoping that you keep your resolutions! (And to hoping that the massive hangover you likely have right now will go away soon.)


Anonymous said...


I hope you come back soon.

Edward Mendoza - Music Video Director - Los Angeles, California said...

Nice list mane, shows a lot of class. You forgot one on the list:

_Stop harassing my out of shape friends to get man handled by a wound up Ninja and let them enjoy their unbroken collar bones.

Other than that, good job. At least we know for sure you will keep you word and not post as often...