Jan 21, 2009

Reverse Triangle


This is a submission that you can use against a stuffed single leg takedown.

I personally don't see the use in the set up they show in the video, where you attempt the reverse triangle against a very poor turtle position, which honestly isn't very realistic unless you're up against someone inexperienced.

Instead, the ideal setup is against a single leg attempt that you sprawl out against.

Instructions (Note: couple extra things than the video touches on)

-Opponent attempts single leg, you sprawl out.

-If you manage to drive your opponent down onto his knees, it's time to look for this move.

-Hold the position until you feel your opponent let go of his grip to put one or both hands onto the ground.

-Now, in one motion, drive into him, push his head down, throw your free leg over his inside arm, scoop and underhook his outside arm and roll him over.

-Instantly, figure four your legs and twist your body into him while holding on to the arm. You now have both a triangle and an armbar.

You should note that you can wiggle your way into a straight armbar from this position, but you should only go for it if you feel like you're losing the choke. Remember to frame against his side with a free arm if you do attempt this.


Anonymous said...

I've actually only seen this ever effectively used in Judo. I've always wondered why in other grappling arts it seems not be used alot. Maybe it's because of the turtle position.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I've seen this used in pins. Is it possible to reach for a foot and go for a toe hold while maintaining the triangle?

Punch Kick Choke said...

Yeah- against a very poor turtling position, the set up shown in the video works just fine-

As for the toehold, yes, yes you can.
In fact, the reason I was looking to put this instructional up was because during a rolling session, I used the triangle/toehold combination for the sub.

Note that at the angle for the toehold, you don't really have a choke, just a holding position, unless you're up against a guy with a really thick neck.

Jimmy said...

That's great that you posted this. I was wondering how to do it when I saw it in another youtube video.

It seems to me a lot of wrestlers train with me, so they'll be getting a nice surprise on the next takedown attempt.

Punch Kick Choke said...

Just remember that you need to have the takedown completely stuffed and your opponent broken down before you go for it.

Let me know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

I used a variant of this last week where I caught a guy in a reverse triangle when he made a mistake passing my guard, and I put on a toehold like you did.

I'll be exploring this one a little bit more- good post!

Robert "The Python" Frye said...

Wrestler's Beware...or...Wrestler's Be Aware!

This move can also be setup from the scarf postion, think about stepping over the head from scarf as if you were turning your opponent on his side for a Kumura. If you have done that move you should be able to figure this out. Wrestlers LOVE the Scarf so they can add this to there Arm triangle's ect....Hope I wasnt to confusing.
Robert "The Python" Frye

Mixed Martial Arts said...

This is a really cool webpage. I'm so going to try out these moves. I went to my first MMA fight a couple weeks ago and this stuff is adicting!