Jun 25, 2009

Dave Camarillo - Stopping the Armbar from Guard (RNC Armbar Escape)


Most of you have seen a million and one armbar from guard defenses already, but this one in particular, shown by Dave Camarillo, is always a good escape to have in mind. I call this one the "RNC Escape," but there are many names for this one.

1. Opponent traps your arm and pivots to go for the armbar. Remember that this escape really only works well for the traditional armbar with both arms inside the guard.

2. Immediately go for a RNC position with your arms, arm that's being attacked grabbing the bicep of the other arm, and the hand of the other arm open, waiting.

3. The open hand is to catch the leg that will be coming over your head. You need to catch the leg to prevent your opponent from being able to extend his hips.

4. Push the leg off, and escape the position, either by stacking or yanking the elbow out, as shown in the video.

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