Jun 22, 2009

Getting out of the Thai Clinch: the "Throw-By"

Well, first post in a while, but since I'm sure you guys don't want to hear about my life, let's get to it:


The Thai Clinch is a problem for just about anyone, and a serious nightmare for anyone who doesn't have any experience with it. I have a story to go along with that, but I'd rather not post it here. If you're dying to hear the story, email me.
(Also, remember the guy who just won a fight against Wanderlei? Remember his two clashes with a guy named Anderson Silva? Remember the facial reconstruction he had to undergo?)

The Throw-By shown in the video above is a go-to move for many fighters, and is pretty easy to learn.

1. Opponent has the plum on the base of your skull, and is squeezing it real tight.

2. Go ahead and make sure you keep proper posture: minimize space between your bodies, keep an upright back with the hips pushed forward, with your feet pointing out at 45-degree angles slightly more than your shoulder’s width apart.

3.Before you start to eat any vicious knees, and be forever known as "Johnny Toothless," begin the escape.

4. Feed an arm through your opponent's arms- let's say put your right hand into the space between the arms, and grab his right bicep. Reinforce the grip with your outside left hand. Hold real tight.

5. In a quick twisting motion to the left, shuck your opponent's arms forcefully off your head, using your right elbow.

6. Now, you can push off your opponent for the escape, or you can use the opportunity to trap the head and arm. This sets up very nicely for a leg sweep straight into an arm triangle.


Grums said...

Welcome back. I have been checking the RSS-feed regularly the last months.

"let's say put your right hand into the space between the arms, and grab the left bicep"

Shouldn't it be the right bicep that you grab?

Punch Kick Choke said...

Yeah, fixed that-

Hopefully I'll post regularly again. Gotta get back into the groove of things with this stuff.

Anonymous said...

good seeing a new post. missed you, man.

rhadiproject said...
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Anonymous said...

yay ur back!

shane_is_tall said...

The hold you end up in on the video is also a great counter clinch. You could take a 45* step on the side your head is on, pull the other leg back and throw some knees of your own. Bang!

Punch Kick Choke said...

That's a very good point- the standing arm triangle clinch is also very hard to get out of without dropping to the ground, so if you can get it, taking as much advantage of the position as possible is the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

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u.s. is greco defficient !

remember GRECO ROMAN is very stand up strong.