Jun 27, 2009

Judo Throw Combinations and Set Ups

Throws more often than not require strings of combinations and setups to successfully toss a skilled and resisting opponent on their head, much like how without knowing how to combo submissions in Jiu Jitsu, you won't get very far in your game.


The link above goes to a judoinfo.com page (a great resource overall, btw.) regarding Judo throw combinations, counters, and set up attacks. All the attacks are linked to illustrations regarding how to perform the throw, making it easier to visualize among those of you who can't always seem to remember what a specific throw is called (myself included).

So, here's your homework assignment: Pick 4-6 throws that you want to be able to perform and write down the corresponding row of moves. Turn that sheet into a map. On that map, take notes on important details regarding each and every move- everything from entry to grip. Then take that map and a willing partner and go through each series in a simple progression-

1. Successful set up throw
2. Countered set up into successful throw
3. Countered set up and throw into successful follow up throw.

I guarantee you that your ability to take people down will improve significantly.

As everyone loves a video demo, here's an old favorite that I haven't used in a while:
Foot Sweep to Large Wheel (O Guruma)

Also, buy Karo's Judo Book


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