Jun 29, 2009

Wrestler's Sit Out (Turtle Escape)

If you're anything like me, I tend not to go for double legs because I'm always getting sprawled on. However, avoiding such an effective move altogether is not the best of ideas. Just like how you have to be good at the guard to have an effective offensive mount due to the assortment of sweeps you can encounter, you have to be able to recounter counters to a takedown attempt to be good and confident in your takedowns.


Often, when sprawled on, you end up in a turtle position, with your opponent taking an over-under control with his arms. If that's the case, the Wrestler's Sit Out is perfect for you. Keep in mind that having a good core is very important for this move.

1. You're turtling off your opponent's sprawl, and your opponent has over-under control.

2. Reach across to just outside of your opponent's knee with your trapped arm. Move on to the next step immediately or else you're going to find yourself in a much worse position.

3. Tripod, throw the leg of the trapped side out diagonally as well while turning away and back, grab the hand of the arm that's inside with your free hand as you're turning. Use your head and shoulders to push into your opponent.

4. Spin around immediately, and you will have effectively just switched positions with your opponent. Transition as you please from here.

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