Jul 7, 2009

Join the Punch Kick Choke Facebook Group

*edit* - fixed the link.Here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/PunchKickChoke-the-MMA-and-BJJ-Resource/131559126912

Join or else you'll get herpes. If you have herpes already, you'll get syphilis. If you have both of those, I feel bad for you, and wouldn't wish anything worse on you. Also, give me a "thumbs up" on your stumbleupon toolbars while you're at it. And send me flowers, poetry, and candy.

But seriously- I don't know what these 'Facebook Page' things are for. Someone please explain it to me.

And since I don't like my posts to be under a certain length, here's a funny cartoon: (click to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

hahhahha- i love your blog

tom said...

I love Mr. Wiggles!