Aug 7, 2009

UFC 101 Predictions

UFC 101 is tomorrow night!

My picks for the winner's circle:

BJ Penn Vs. Kenny Florian - Lightweight Title Fight
Penn by TKO or Submission

Anderson Silva Vs. Forrest Griffin - Light-heavyweight Fight
This is heresy, but I'm going with Griffin by Decision

Amir Sadollah Vs. Johny Hendricks
Sadollah by Submission

Kendall Grove Vs. Ricardo Almeida
Grove by TKO (I do think Almeida is a better fighter.)

Josh Neer Vs. Kurt Pellegrino
Pellegrino by Submission

Shane Nelson Vs. Aaron Riley
No clue. Let's go with Nelson by Something.

Tamdan McCrory Vs. John Howard
McCrory by Decision, mostly because I like his last name.

Thales Leites Vs. Alessio Sakara
Leites by TKO

Matt Riddle Vs. Dan Cramer
Riddle by TKO

George Sotiropoulos Vs. Rob Emerson
Sotiropoulos by Submission

Jesse Lennox Vs. Danillo Villefort
Villefort by TKO


Anonymous said...

Penn, Silva, Hendricks, Almeida, Neer, Riley, McCrory, Leites, Riddle, Sotiropoulos, Villefort.

Razorstorm said...

Poor Forrest, hope he picks himself back up!

Anonymous said...

heresy??? more like lunacy

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

man i can't believe i keep missing these ufc fights! anyways the ufc and mma have come a long way, 101!!, and now instead of being rejected as barbaric it is the new product for the media to use to sell to its advantage

Anonymous said...

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Dans said...

Any recent predictions???


Robert Heisenberg said...

You didn't do too bad. Griffin got destroyed, though.

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Whitey Hudson said...

Hey man time for an update!

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Anonymous said...

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steve rollitt said...

UFC, Awesome, long may it continue.

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TheReviewer said...

Of course, I am writing this after having seen the fight and I probably would have gone with your picks as well. I can't believe Griffin gave such a poor showing though. Especially with the weight difference. Anyone collect MMA Action Figures ? If so, check out the link. I think there cool. I like all things MMA.

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it was ruff fight
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Anonymous said...

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john said...

I would like to watch this fight but I don't have enough time to go for this fight in these days.

Mad said...

Lol I would say forest lost that one...

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Forrest obviously wasn't using the right MMA Nutrition

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This was quite a show!!!

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these fights were great back in the days...

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