Jan 24, 2011

Considering giving PKC a new shot at life- Anyone interested in writing?

3 new contributors have signed up!
Specifically, anyone who is interested in the following should also think about joining the new PKC family to give the site a better rounded edge
-Giving regular MMA/BJJ/General MA News & Competition Updates
-Wrestling (not WWE) Techniques
-Nutrition and Fitness articles
-Martial Arts Humor and Insights
This isn't a complete list, and I will definitely consider other suggestions. Thank you!

It's been over a year now since my last update, and I've gone through a lot since then.
Recovering from eczema was/is one of the hardest things I've had to work at (sometime I will make a post on that), and I mention this because my general martial arts skill level basically went back down to white belt-level because I just couldn't handle training because of the pain, and so, it just kind of felt disingenuous to continue posting technical commentary while in this state. Also, family issues that I will not go into kind of kept me from wanting to write again.

However, I have gotten emails left and right about if I was going to start the site up again, and honestly, I've been torn about it. The fact that a relatively small site like mine captured the attention of people looking for information and videos on MMA was an eye-opening experience for me... I was surprised as hell when G4 ran a segment showing PKC as one of their "MMA Blogs of the Week" (I really wish they told me beforehand- I learned about it from a Bullshido forum member who was kind enough to message me about it.) However, I was under such a workload at the time that it just wasn't worth it to me at the time to continue posting for the amount of ad-revenue that I was generating- it was a cold and sad cost/benefit ratio I had to think about.

And so, after thinking about this for a while, with a newfound sense of well-being and a little more free time on my hands, I'm considering giving this blog another shot at life. However, I'm sure that I won't be able to do this on my own, so I'm calling on the community to help me figure out the direction this site will go, if anywhere at all.

I'd like anyone with a passion for this stuff, and a specialty, whether it's an intricate knowledge of BJJ, Muay Thai, Sambo, or hell, even the ability to find good, virus-free downloads of training materials and videos to shoot me an email, leave a comment with contact info, or wall post on the PKC facebook page and I'll tell you if I think you qualify to be a registered writer, and what I'm offering in exchange.

I'm going to leave this post up for a little bit while deciding what to do. In the meantime, if you have a bit of confidence in your writing ability, or know someone with a bit of skill that wouldn't mind a little bit of self-promotion and potential amazon-affiliate sales, send them the link to this page!


PS, regardless of the outcome, thank you guys for all the support throughout the last few years.


Anonymous said...

Hell yes!

Tommy said...

I thought you were freaking dead!

Anonymous said...

Wow,so niceeee!! Thanks in spite of sharing!

Chris said...

Glad you're back mate. I'm another one of your itchy-Jits brothers. BJJ does not agree with excema, which is unfortunate, because its so damn addictive. You said you've recovered, any tips?