Jan 26, 2011

Erik Paulson's Combat Submission Wrestling - Takedowns and Submissions (Streaming Video)

I figured it would be appropriate to mark the return of PKC with a full length instructional, so here goes:

Erik Paulson's Combat Submission Wrestling (Takedowns and Submissions) is on Hulu!
I was honestly surprised to find this video- it's informative and entertaining for people who are looking for a video on finishing their double legs and no-gi submissions from side control. Here is the Video

CSW with Erik Paulson - Takedowns and Submissions

Video Breakdown (Numbers are arbitrary, No chapter numbering in video)

1. Offensive Striking to Clinch - Setting up takedowns from standing (aka Closing the Distance)

-Feint Cross to Hook to Double Leg
-3 Punch Combo to Double Leg, and why you should avoid going in for the takedown as you would a warm friendly hug (hint, it involves getting kneed in the face)

2. Takedowns - Finishing the Double Leg

-Straight Double Leg (Forward running tackle)
-Turning the Corner (Landing in Side Mount)
-Stepping Through to Hook and Leg Lift
-Knee Spin (to Counter Sprawling)
-Double to Single and Single to Double Transitions
-Laddering Up to Side Control or Locking the Legs and Walking Up to Mount

3. Drills

-Wall Tackle Drill - Practicing the Footwork to Get to Various Clinch Positions
-Step and Run Drills - Using Footwork to Make Your Takedowns More Effective

4. Body Tackles

-Trapping an Arm Defensively to Get the Clinch
-Avoiding the Guilliotine During the Takedown
-Snag Single
-Head Inside Body Tackle Straight into Mount
-Recountering the Head Snag Off the Head Inside Tackle

5. Sprawls

-Anatomy of the Proper Sprawl (Doing the Worm, Dropping on One Hip)
-Finishing the Takedown Against a Bad Sprawl (Windshield Wiper)

6. Groundfighting

-Side Control Fighting (Notice the Short Bit About Using Nerve Points to Get to the Keylock- Erik Paulson Knows th3 R34L Dim-Mak, haha.)
-Leveraging the Opponent's Far Arm in Side Control
-Finishing the Kimura in Side Control and Appropriate Hand Positions
-Failed Kimura to Straight Armlock
-Various other Keylocks, Arm Triangles, and Armlocks from Side Mount which kind of plays out like late-night cinemax softcore films, complete with music and crappy slow motion.

7. Punch, Throw, and Submit - This is where he shows off some Combos. Demo Candy.

-Punch -> Body Tackle into Mount -> Armbar
-Punch -> Counter Seoi Nage (Shoulder Throw) -> Kimura

I'd like to point out that during the Kimura Sequence in the Groundfighting portion, he brings up the possibility of fingerlocks and wristlocks- before someone who does Chin-Na or Aikido starts talking shit, I'd like to point out that the possibility arises because... he has the POSITION to do such a thing! Having your opponent controlled and mostly immobilized from the far shoulder back makes such locks a legitimate option against a resisting opponent.

Hope you watch the video- it's short, fun, and comes with broad strokes and minutiae, so everyone gets something out of it.



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good find- didnt know hulu had stuff like that

+1 fan in nyc