Jan 31, 2011

Finish the Triangle Choke Using the Right Muscles- Stomp and Curl Method (Ryan Hall)

How is finishing the Triangle Choke usually taught at first?
-Try to angle yourself off to break opponent's posture
-Get your foot in proper position under the knee
-Pull the head down using both hands
-Squeeze the knees together

Unfortunately, the last two steps forces us to use the abductor muscles at the side of your leg (the same ones that you work out at the gym in the machine that makes you and everyone around you feel uncomfortable on the inside) and they aren't very strong, and you may find yourself struggling to finsh the triangle while your opponent squirms his way out of your submission.

Ryan 'Creepy' Hall (the Llyod Irvin prodigy that you might have seen on youtube finishing inverted triangles left and right) shows us below how to finish the Triangle in a more effective way using your much stronger quads and hamstring muscles (top and underside of your legs) instead of the abductors.


-Get your legs properly in place to get the triangle

-If you are inline with your opponent, you have to finish the triangle in the traditional way by squeezing your knees together, not to mention that you have to make sure that the arm is across your chest- this is what we are trying to avoid here.

-Position yourself properly by underhooking yourself either under the arm or leg on the free arm side of your opponent. Now the trapped arm placement is no longer an issue.

-Don't try to squeeze your knees together. Instead, push against your opponent's neck with the near leg that's over the shoulder like you're trying to crush something with that foot, and curl your far leg toward you.

-You can take your far hand and secure the opponent's head to add pressure - Finish from here.

Happy Tapping

*additional note* - If you find yourself squared up with your opponent again somehow, using the stomp and curl in the position is practically useless. Remember to angle off!

Mastering Triangle Chokes

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Anonymous said...

great post, but it is true that ryan's lanky legs do make triangles much easier for him