Jan 30, 2011

Kuzushi (Unbalancing) for Backwards Throws - The Difficult Way

I have found a great new Judo blog, The Difficult Way, run by Bullshido Bully judoka_uk - It was very recently started, but already full of great technical breakdowns of Judo principles and techniques. 

Below is a snippet of a recent post about the mechanics of kuzushi/unbalancing your opponent to set up for backwards throws such as Uchi Gari and Ko Soto Gari. I strongly urge you to visit his page, subscribe, and encourage his writing on the subject.
Link to full article (it's a long one), complete with pictures

I have received many requests for doing a piece on ‘kuzushi for backwards throws’. This is probably because in my previous pieces on kuzushi I have focused mainly on forward techniques.

If you review those articles you will find several points that transfer across between applying kuzushi for forward throws and backwards ones.

The four of the most salient are:
Coordinating both hands to work together
Generating power from the lower body
Applying kuzushi in a continuous manner throughout the technique

No matter how good your kuzushi is it must be combined with; control, positioning and an awareness of and ability to capitalise on, the moment of opportunity.

The central principle I want to convey in this article is that when attacking with a backwards throwing technique it is crucial that you concentrate on attacking the chest. The reason behind this that attacking the chest means you ideally gain control over the upper body and head and use it to disrupt uke’s balance


A Judoka said...

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The whole idea behind my blog is to spread what little knowledge about Judo I have so that others can benefit. So I'm interested in a partnership, if it will help more people increase their knowledge and understanding of Judo.

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great article!