Feb 10, 2011

Anderson Silva and Steven Seagal was a Troll Job... Told Ya.


According to Brazilian MMA Magazine "Vale Tudo Portal" (Porto do Vale Tudo), the appearances with Seagal were all part of an orchestrated campaign to raise Silva's profile in the US.

From the latest issue of the magazine:
"The declaration of the champion Anderson Silva (Seagal helping him with the amazing kick) was contemplated with humor by the fans, who knows that the actor was at most twice with the Brazilian.
The approach between the two was actually a marketing maneuver planned by the agent of Anderson, Jorge Joinha, to give more visibility to it's champion in the American media. The plan worked very well in the first stage, the problem was in the wrong dose and reached the absurdity of assigning a brilliant victory by the biggest name in the MMA of all time to a "Master of Hollywood" who never climbed in the ring. The worst of all is that Seagal, perhaps influenced by some of his films, believed and even stated in several interviews after the fight that "He (Anderson) did everything the way i taught him and made me very proud"."

Whelp, as I told you before. Anderson Silva is a goddamn /b/tard.

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