Feb 9, 2011

Anderson Silva Training With... Steven Seagal. *GASP*

Steven Seagal is always too busy thinking about the CIA Ninja Attack Squad that's after his mojo to smile for photos.
You guys may have heard by now that Anderson Silva trained with Steven Seagal for his bout against Vitor Belfort at UFC 126. Those of you watching the fight and hearing Joe Rogan say something that sounded an awful lot like "Anderson trained with Steven Seagal for this fight" may have thought he lit up a large bowl of DMT just before the fight and was repeating what the little green aliens were saying to him in (his head/another dimension). To set things straight, the training didn't involve Seagal showing Anderson Silva the necessary techniques to eat a case of Twinkies in one sitting, it was about redirection of force.

Steven Seagal before he found out about the magical power of bacon

Here is some footage of that training:

Aikido in action, obviously. It's some kind of wristlock I've never seen before.

BUT WAIT. Lyoto Machida was in on this as well! (To be honest, Black House has had Seagal in a number of times already in the past.)

*DUN DUN DUN -Inception movie theme building up-*

Before your mind goes all explode-y on me, or decide to give up on MMA training and dance in a gi/skirt combination for a while, let me give a quick half serious breakdown in why it shouldn't shatter your perceptions on fighting as a whole, how Anderson Silva might actually be a 4chan /b/tard, and why Aikido still sucks as a base martial art.

"Did someone just call me Elvis? Elvis did KARATE, you dumb motherfucker. Also, I'm totally a better musician.
Now excuse me while I break this fool's arm."

  1. Anderson did not say "Steven Seagal taught me that kick," he said "Steven Seagal helped me perfect the kick." In case you lack the ability to take things into context, the kick used is a rear teep/push kick. If you think that a Muay Thai expert like Silva didn't know how to throw such a kick before training with Seagal, you may be retarded.
  2. Steven Seagal, as much of a social pariah that he's become in the past few years, is still a legit teacher in some aspects... but is he a legit fighter? About as much as JCVD, with a touch more delusion (translation= no).
  3. This whole thing does confirm a bit what I've been saying for a while. Martial arts such as aikido, wing chun, and their ilk require legitimate athleticism and experience to be able to pull off against a resisting opponent. A lot of TMA schools have become cesspools of narrow focus and doughy physique - they've forgotten how to fight. I kind of prefer to think of MMA as middle to high school, where you learn all the broad basics to use in college or life, base specialties like Judo, BJJ, or Muay Thai as your college major or chosen profession, and most TMA's like a college elective or hobby - may come in handy some specific time one day, and might be able to bank on it if you get really good at it and your profession starts to bore you a bit from the repetition.
  4. Silva's a goddamn troll-
    • He can speak english properly, likely even better than most of you reading this. He just doesn't like you fuckers.
    • He seems to enjoy the audience taking his word at face value and laughing his ass off on the inside. To be honest, he was spoiled by a technically savvy and respectful japanese audience before the UFC, so I can see why he doesn't like the US crowd as much.
    • I think he likes having Seagal teach him some subtle redirection techniques, and the rest is for the lulz. Still don't think he's just looking for shits and giggles whenever he feels like it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5zjL05yn3Q
  5. Going back to #2 & 3, at this point in his career Silva could have training in underwater basket weaving up until the fight and still won. I'm hoping Silva's next part time trainer will be Ralph Macchio, and he's going learn how to crane kick his opponent to death.
  6. While we're on the subject of teaching ridiculously amazing martial artists moves, want to know who taught GSP how to perfect his Spinning Back Kick? Fucking Joe Rogan. Don't believe me? Video below.

So, uh... can we get over this now? K,thx.

Little known fact - Steven Seagal is responsible for putting Panda Bears on the Endangered Species List


freddy said...

love your site!

Anonymous said...

very funny article - greetings from germany

Timothy Eastwood said...

I never knew that Joe Rogan knew how to fight! Since I've only watched him on Fear Factor and some color commentary on UFC, but never seeing him throwing kicks and training other fighters. Also, it amazed me that Steven Seagal trains Anderson Silva and sometimes Machida. Being a Karate practitioner at Goose Creek in the past, I still find it amazing to watch people in the ring duke it out for supremacy, even if they got some of their teeth knocked off and run to their dentists to get them all patched up for the sacred act of competition.

Punch Kick Choke said...


I wouldn't really call it "training with" - it was a handful of times, and mostly a semi-funny publicity stunt.

KarateFighter said...

Karate_fighter ("Kf") on "Anderson Silva Training with Steven Seagal. *GASP*"

Kf says great training video re spinning back kick by Joe Rogan; Very impressive demo.

Steven Seagal is certainly a disappointment given some of the personal antics we've witnessed.

On the other hand, Seagal is a highly accomplished martial artist who has cross-trained in many styles of the traditional martial arts. IF YOU WANT TO BE GLIB INSULTING HIM; TRY DOING IT TO HIS FACE! NO THANKS.

Kf practices a style of traditional karate; the front kick Seagal employs is not a standard karate-style front kick. To Kf, Seagal's version resembles more of a wing chun or other kung fu, even kenpo-kind of low kick. Kf believes Seagal's version would be very effective in an actual fight.

What is noteworthy is that Silva KO'd Belfort early on in the fight with a standard tactic that MMA proponents rarely adopt. FYI, this approach is essentially the very 1st 1-Step Sparring Drill taught by Kf's karate style.

MMA, sports-fighting enthusiasts abound that say traditional karate training doesn't work in MMA. Kf's answer is that Steven Seagal's not the only one training MMA who's full of lard!


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love the article - you can't keep the Seagal down :-)

Matt at BreakingGuard.com

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