Feb 25, 2011

Anderson Silva vs. Lyoto Machida - Sparring Match

Hasn't been a better pair of training partners since Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed.
With training footage that's maybe 2-4x less 80's movie homoerotic.
While a real UFC fight between Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida seems highly unlikely, the folks at Black House recorded a sparring session between the two teammates to appease/whet the appetites of the UFC fanboys and fight fans who would shell out the cash to watch such a fight.

They seem to be playing around at 1/2 speed, but I wonder who would win in a real fight between the two? Feel free to speculate via comment.

Real question to readers: Has there ever been a UFC/WEC/IFC/Pro MMA bout won via Eddie Bravo's Banana Split like Anderson attempts at 2:13?

By the way, does the kick at 0:46 look familiar at all?

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Karate_Fighter said...

Karate_Fighter ("KF") on "Anderson Silva vs. Lyoto Machida - Sparring Match."

KF is a big fan, naturally, of Lyoto Machida. KF practices the Korean karate of Tang Soo Do (TSD), which shares many similarities to Lyoto's Shotokan karate base.

Anderson Silva is extremely-gifted athletically. Lyoto is obviously a both a champion @ Shotokan kumite & a UFC Former LHW Champion. In any contest, KF would have to give Anderson the nod, looking @ pure natural ability.

Anderson is also better @ offensive fighting. Lyoto finds comfort in highly-selecting just a few 'perfect' moments to attack. Consequently, he can be vulnerable to those who press the attack on him. KF believes the latter weakness cost Lyoto the Rampage Jackson fight.

TSD free sparring does include the Shotokan kumite style, but it is not a requirement to use it. Free sparring in TSD can take on the characteristic of positioning, rather than the high-mobility seen in Shotokan, or MMA for that matter.

KF, incidently, thinks Lyoto is spending way too much time on this friendly-kind of MMA free sparring. Although Shotokan kumite point-style is sport-oriented, the concept of taking out the opponent quickly & decisively with a few short blows is where Lyoto needs to go.

Kudos to Anderson in his one-strike win over Vitor Belfort. More on that later.