Feb 1, 2011

Breaking Out of Zip Ties - ITS Tactical

Here's a cool little gem I found online - http://www.itstactical.com/skillcom/lock-picking/how-to-escape-from-zip-ties/

As the URL suggests, the article is about breaking and escaping from zip ties. While this may not be MMA or BJJ related per se, it sure is fun to watch. As a mechanical engineering student and someone interested in personal security, this makes for interesting viewing.

To view the full article, click the link above, but I will post and explain one of the four vids they have on the page here, specifically, the front break method. Note that he mentions that this might hurt a bit, so I take no responsibility in whatever happens from the stupid shit you may attempt to do after watching this.


-You are restrained with zip ties with your hands in front
-Get the locking mechanism positioned in between your hands
-Tighten zip ties as much as you can, as the tighter they are, the more likely it is the move will work
-Fists together, thumbs on top and forward
-Bring hands up
-In one motion, snap hands down to just below your belly button, thrust the hips forward slightly, and chicken wing your arms, trying to get your shoulder blades together.

Note that it probably really helps to have strong arms and non-doughy stomach.

The rest of the article covers breaking from the rear, shimming, friction sawing (with the laces of your boot), and slipping out. The videos and explanations are very well done, and I love finding new sites that grab my attention with solid articles.

So, the link again: http://www.itstactical.com/skillcom/lock-picking/how-to-escape-from-zip-ties/

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