Feb 18, 2011

FEDOR BEATEN BY... Illegal hypnosis? Wait, what?

Get your eye beaten in... get your eye beaten in... get your eye beaten in... is it working yet?
If PKC had a news category for "Stupid Russian Superstitious Defensive Bullshit," this particular bit of news would be listed under there.

But... Vladimir Putin told me that he would choke the mother-russian' shit out of this cute puppy if we added that category.
According to Vladimir Voronov, Fedor's trainer, the Russian heavyweight fighter was the victim of hostile, illegal hypnotic suggestion on the part of the Silva camp.

And while the fighter himself has not made such claims, his camp has apparently consulted "Hypnotic Experts" in Russia who "confirm" that psychological tampering was brought to bear against the former champion.

The human mind has enormous power of suggestion, it explains all sorts of curses, evil eye, etc., - has told Life Sports Specialist Schools Gennady Goncharov Nicholas Zakharkin. - Therefore, if a well-trained specialists are in the area of visual contact with Emelianenko, then he could convince all that he pleases, and have any effect. If the hypnotist was set up and sat at a distance where he could meet eyes...

Hey, Bigfoot- while we're here, I have a question: Why is that guy over there looking at me lik... I feel... so... sleepyzzzzz...


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