Feb 12, 2011

Finishing the Straight Arm bar and the Secret to Neil Adams' Turnover

Here I outline a few common methods in Judo for finishing the straight arm bar. These are mainly best suited to gi based grappling and so many of them may not be applicable to MMA or no gi BJJ.

This is not a comprehensive list or the be all and end all of methods, however, hopefully it may include a few ideas that people find useful.

Straightening the Arm

In addition a special on the secret to Neil Adams' famous Juji gatame turnover and how the key to the technique is hidden in plain sight.

Neil Adams' Juji gatame roll


hsn916 said...
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Punch Kick Choke said...

I used to use the arm swap on occasion, but I will have to practice that wrist lever from both sides when I get the chance. Good post.

@hsn - the wrist lever, arm swap, and bicep cutter can be used no-gi.