Feb 2, 2011

Hilarious - "Duty Calls" COD Parody by Bulletstorm Makers

Not a MMA related post by any means, unless you count videogames that allow you to kick a person, shoot him, then kick him again off the map as "Mixed Martial Arts."

I'm not exactly a rabid gamer, but FPS shooters are always a good way to de-stress. Epic Games, the guys who made Gears of War, are making the new "Bulletstorm" game (It's the one with the "Kill With Skill" tagline) have made quite the viral promo for their new release: a short free game taking potshots at the last wave of military-based FPS games, Call of Duty in particular, called "Duty Calls."
Download it here: http://www.thedutycalls.com/download.html


"War... war never changes. Or does it? War has changed."
"Rank up! Sergeant Master Shooter Sergeant Person!" 


I may just have to get this... or if one of you wants to buy it for the 360 and mail it to me, that would be cool too. Just saying. Or, even better, if an Epic Games rep finds this page and is willing to send me a copy or copies of the game for promoting their shit without being asked, that would be just crackerjack. Buy me a brand new car while you're at it, Mr. or Mrs. Epic Games Rep.

But I digress. Here's what Bulletstorm looks like:


I'm not sure if they're trying to be funny in an ironic way, but the dialogue is horrendous. It has all the wrong vibes of PeeWee Herman releasing a rap album... for kids.

And if you are going to buy it, buy it through my Amazon link. Pretty please. Bulletstorm - Epic Edition

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