Feb 20, 2011

Muay Thai Combinations to Set Up the KO

Marco de Cesaris, about to fight that temple in the background, from the looks of it.

Here is a clip from a video by Arjan Marco de Cesaris, Italian Muay Thai Master - it goes over some basic Muay Thai progressions. These combinations are intended to set up the knockout with power shots.

video below:

Targets are in Parenthesis ()
1. Cross (Head) to Lead Hook (Liver)
2. Cross (Head) to Lead Hook (Liver) to Rear Leg Kick (Lead Leg)
3. Shuffle Lead Teep/Push Kick (Stomach) to Rear Roundhouse Kick (Head)
4. Lead Hook (Liver) + Cross (Head) to Step in Lead Roundhouse (Liver)
5. Rear Cross (Stomach) to Lead Hook (Head) to Rear Uppercut (Head)
6. Lead Arm Trap Clinch -> Lead Knee (Stomach/Liver) x 2 to Rear Elbow (Head)
7. Rear Cross (Head) to Lead Knee (Liver)

8. Block the Rear Hook -> Counter Rear Elbow (head)
9. Parry Rear Cross -> Counter Rear Knee (Stomach) to Rear Elbow (Head)
10. Block Lead Hook to Lead Arm Trap Clinch and Quarter Step Whip -> Counter Rear Knee (Stomach/Head) x2
11. Block Rear or Lead Hook to Counter Rear Knee x 2


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