Feb 24, 2011

What's the difference? Judo footsweeps

 Some of the stand-out techniques of Judo are its ashiwaza - foot techniques. The sweeps and trips of Judo are really useful techniques for people competing in a variety of rulesets, be it BJJ, No-gi grappling or MMA.

They often provide low risk - high reward methods of taking your opponent down, whilst allowing you to remain in a dominant position for groundwork

However, a lot of the time the techniques can look very similar and it can be really confusing as to what the difference is.

This is a brief overview of the key points of difference between some commonly confused ashiwaza.


Punch Kick Choke said...

I'll have to keep this post in mind next time I'm pretending to be Lyoto Machida - the video on your page is grainy as hell but well explained.

A Judoka said...

Yeh its not great. Its been copied off a VHS, which I think is the latest edition of the vid. Its either the grainy colour version on youtube or the grainy black and white version on google videos.

If anyone is super motivated, because it is the best and most authoritative video on Judo out there. Its avaliable from the Kodokan shop for $70 excluding postage and packing:

No takers? I thought not...

There's always a newaza edition which is also avaliable for free in black and white on google videos or in colour dubbed in Spanish on youtube. That's for $67 excluding postage and packaging.

No takes? I thought not...

A Judoka said...

Sorry didn't address your Machida point. A lot of the takedowns Machida does come from Karate and Sumo so there's not really a need to classify them with Judo terminology.

Just as it would be dumb to insist that a wrestler who does a double leg takedown in wrestling is doing a Morote gari.

If you had to classify what Machida does in Judo terms most of it would be Ko soto gari, Ko soto gake and Sukui nage.

So if someone put a gun to your head and said what's this in Judo?

You would probably say Ko soto gari.

Or this

You would probably say a Sukui nage.

The thing is what someone brings to an MMA match from another art is from another art. Just like you wouldn't say a wrestler's single leg was a kuchiki daoishi or that a Judoka's seoi nage was a wrestling flying mare.

If people want to adopt some Judo terms to use universally in MMA. I'm cool with that, it just gives more exposure to my martial art, which I think is great. However, I think its retarded for various arts to go around claiming they own such and such a technique because one famous fighter pulls it off in the UFC.

A Judoka said...

Not that I'm having a go at you, lol. Sorry if the above post comes off that way.

Punch Kick Choke said...

Oh, no- my comment had nothing to do with style territorial pissings... I just had no one else to really consider in the MMA world in terms of using foot sweeps as a part of their normal skill set. Excuse my ignorance on the matter :/