Mar 13, 2011

Anderson Silva - Muay Thai Clinch for MMA (Full DVD Streaming)

They should totally do a Brazilian remake of "Walker: Texas Ranger," replacing Chuck Norris with Anderson Silva and roundhouse kicks with face-and-liver-destroying knees. That sounds like the best show idea ever.
Here's a treat- the full video of Anderson Silva's "Muay Thai Clinch for MMA" DVD. Video and summary below. And remember, if you like it, buy it! Anderson Silva Muay Thai Clinch For MMA DVD kickboxing

What the instructional DVD covers:

Anderson starts with the basic grips, then teaches you how to destroy your opponent’s base and balance in the Muay Thai clinch, and batter him up-close and personal with knees and elbows strikes. He teaches you how to transition from one dominant clinch position to another based upon your opponent’s reactions, allowing you to constantly maintain the upper hand. And when your opponent manages to establish the Muay Thai clinch, he not only details numerous escapes, but also how to follow up your escape with an aggressive counterattack. Leaving know stone unturned, he even breaks down the most effective drills to increase the speed, power, and timing of the Muay Thai clinch techniques in your arsenal.

Punch Kick Choke is not responsible for any potential facial injuries you may cause to friends and family after watching this video.

Again, if you like it, buy it on Amazon: Anderson Silva Muay Thai Clinch For MMA DVD kickboxing

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