Mar 15, 2011

BJJ Wins Again - Bullshido Gong Sau - Kintanon vs. Matt Phillips

When Wing Chun fruitbaskets practitioners hear "Gong Sau," they picture this and touch themselves.
This video is not a HK rooftop deathmatch, sorry to disappoint.
The video below is downright hilarious, but also a picture perfect example of how to perform a reverse juji-gatame/belly-down armbar from guard, so I decided to post this.

The full story is here:
Long story short:
  • Matt Phillips challenges BS poster Cy Q. Faunce to a (fight/gong sau/rousing game of dick-punch) over serious interwebs business. 
  • Faunce says "No." <- Quoting him directly there.
  • Bullshido's Blue Belt Bomber (a lot of alliteration there) Kintanon comes out of the woodwork and accepts the challenge on Faunce's behalf, and tells Matt he's a douchbag to boot.

Yup. The whole fight is 19 seconds out of the entire 4 minute video.
  1. Shitty shot by Kintanon, so he pulls high guard
  2. Matt basically feeds him an armbar
  3. Kintanon finishes, belly-down
  4. Cake

BJJ wins yet again.

Pictured: Chinese actress Gong Li, nothing to do with Gong Sau


Jon said...

I haven't been over at Bullshido in a while so I missed this - thanks! I've always thought War Wheel was kind of an attention whore myself

Punch Kick Choke said...

Actually, this was the thing that brought me back to bullshido- the whole situation and resolution was pretty hilarious.

Matt P said...

It's all good. Josh's good example got me training grappling