Mar 15, 2011

Japan Tsunami Appeal

I'm sure all reading this are aware of events happening in Japan and the devastating consequences of the 11th of March earthquake and tsunami. Furthermore of the difficulties that Japan's nuclear scientists are having securing and stabilising their power plants.

I would like to extend my condolences to those who have lost friends and relatives in the recent tragedy and wish all those affected the best of luck and hope they have a speedy recovery.

If any of you reading would like to make donations to assist with the recovery efforts in Japan and aid the hundreds of thousands left homeless and struggling for basic supplies like food and water.

Here are some good and trusted avenues:

American Red Cross Tsunami Appeal - The Japanese Embassy in the United States endorses this appeal

A Full list of all denominational and non-denominational charity groups opertaing the United States to aid the people of Japan.

British Red Cross Tsunami Appeal -The Japanese Embassy in the United Kingdom endorses this appeal

 Google Crisis Response - Donating directly to the Japanese Red Cross

 Thank you for any donations you can make.

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Robert van Oz said...

We are speechless concerning Japan and have come to the point where words lack in meaning and strength to express our thoughts and feelings.
Therefore you can contribute to the 'Wordless Appeal' by expressing your thoughts and emotions in any form BUT words. You can use any form of expression - whether
music or arts - and post it as a video response to this video.

Those of you who have no YouTube account but have the opportunity to upload a video elsewhere are welcome to send us the link which will be listed in this info box via . It's important not to use any words and just go straight ahead and improvise if you begin to create.

Here is the video:

We hope that this wordless appeal can give Japan our deepest condolences and sympathies.