Mar 12, 2011

John Carmack, Father of FPS, Chokes Out Jace Hall with a RNC

Impending DOOM, John Carmack Style. Get it? ...Get it?
Anyone who was a gamer before say, 5 years ago, should know the name John Carmack as the co-founder of id Software and responsible for the Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein series, you know, The games that essentially established the FPS genre as we know it today.

How well would Royce Gracie have fared against Hitler?
Now, as it turns out, Mr. Carmack is a big fan and practitioner of Judo and BJJ... and he demonstrates his knowledge in this video on his interviewer, Jace Hall.

Holy hell, John Carmack's got the RNC squeeze down. But yeah, so maybe the whole tapping thing could have been explained a little better to someone who doesn't seem to hold any interest in martial arts.

A pointer to Mr. Carmack for his next Jiu Jitsu/Rear Naked Choke demonstration- when showing the RNC to someone for the first time, instead of choking him while he's turtled up, like in the picture at the top, choke him while in a seated back mount, asses on the mat, like so:

Much easier to tell if he's about to go night-night, and slightly more comfortable. Slightly.

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