Mar 20, 2011

Jon Jones KO of Shogun Rua Animated GIF - UFC 128

Jon Jones, clearly mistaking Shogun as a flank steak, and his knees as a meat tenderizer
For those of you that watched or heard about the utter destruction of Shogun Rua at the hands of Jon Jones last night at UFC 128, it was a ridiculously 1-sided fight. See the GIF up there? Multiply that by two and a half rounds and you get an approximation of what the entire fight was like. Rua never recovered from a really heavy kick he caught early in the fight and couldn't work any legit game plan, and Jones really took the fight to the PRIDE legend with serious elbows, kicks, and heavy GNP. Looks like we have a new 205 champ, and I'm going to say it now: RIP Rashad Evans, 2011.

Yeah, Holy Crap. So I'll admit it: Jon Jones is a superhero, especially considering his pre-fight stoppage of a purse snatcher, which you may have heard about before the fight or in the news. I mean, #1, who goes out to meditate in a park in NEW JERSEY? Paraphrasing Joe Rogan, "If you're not Jon Jones, that's a terrible idea." #2, Maybe he thought a few extra karma points couldn't hurt right before the biggest fight of his career - looking at the picture above, I'm not going to argue that it didn't.

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