Mar 30, 2011

The Korean Zombie - Chan Sung Jung's Twister at UFN 24 - Gracie Breakdown

For those of you who missed that beautiful Twister The Korean Zombie locked on Leonard Garcia at UFN 24:

The Twister, a wrestling submission introduced to jiu jitsu competition by Eddie Bravo, is something I've covered before a long while ago:

I put the latest Gracie Breakdown of what happened below:

This is a particularly good Gracie Breakdown, also breaking down Amir Sadollah's arm-trap mount beatdown on DaMarques Johnson, and a step-by-step of Dan Hardy's usual slipperiness on the ground against Anthony Johnson. On the Twister part, note the changing the leg to trap to prevent the escape of the modified rear mount, then note the part about how Garcia's grabbing of Jung's wrist essentially assisted in finishing the Twister.

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