Mar 8, 2011

Punch Kick Choke is now on Twitter!

Back in the day, stalking took hard work, goddamn it!
Your granddaddy had to walk 15 miles in the gosh-darn snow just to see what your grandmammy was doing at any given point in time, or so he says.
Several months late to the social media party, aka "Fashionably Late," Punch Kick Choke is now joining the Twitter bandwagon. Come follow me on Twitter so PKC can look like it commands a huge e-penis relating to the world of MMA! Someone explain to me what the #hashtags are all about, because I'm close to writing them off as stupid bullcrap.
This feed will mostly be used for re-tweeting blog posts for those of you who have embraced receiving updates via tweet over the beautiful simplicity of a rss feed, but I may decide to occasionally post little tidbits (of my usual genius, look at picture below) and interesting links, so follow me if you already have a twitter account, or make an account so you can follow me, and me only, because I'm needy like that.
Total example of genius: My artistic representation of Nate Diaz's guillotine win over Melvin Guillard

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Anonymous said...

the south park boys would be proud, sir.