Mar 23, 2011

Randy Couture vs. James Toney UFC 118 - MMA vs Boxing - Video + Commentary

Randy Couture thanking James Toney for the easiest payday of his career with a big warm hug.
I decided to post this fight from last year because it's a fight with a lot of meaning, but so little at the same time, and I wanted to elaborate a little bit on that. Also, since I was MIA all of last year, I didn't get a chance to talk about it then. Video below:
"I kind of wanted James to have the complete mixed-martial-arts experience," Couture said.

I don't want to bore anyone with a long diatribe about the comparison between Boxing and MMA, or the lengthy and storied careers of Randy "the Natural" Couture and James "Lights Out" Toney, so I'm just going to bulletpoint a few things I thought were worth mentioning.
  • Randy got paid $250k for this. Toney got 500. Was it worth it? Dana White probably thought it was the best wad of cash spent on getting a good laugh after the signing of Kimbo Slice.
  • This wasn't just a "MMA vs Boxing" bout. This was a "Former Boxer Champ that doesn't know what a single leg is vs Former MMA Champ who is an awesome wrestler AND has a lot of boxing experience to boot" bout. Having the ability to anticipate and defend against an opponent's strength while being able to exploit a huge gap in his defense against yours = winning game plan.
  • More than anything else, I don't think MMA vs. Boxing is a fair comparison, and anyone still riding that boat can suck a tailpipe. This goes down to something that's much more distinct: "Grappling vs People Who Don't Know Anything About Grappling." MMA training can make average-to-decent boxers, but Boxing training sure as shit doesn't make any kind of wrestler. So it's not even comparing apples to oranges, it's comparing an engine to a car- trying to make a comparison is sort of silly when it comes down to the big picture.
  • I was almost going to title this post "Going back to UFC 1 in 2010," because of how much it reminded me of how Royce Gracie showed off Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to people who didn't know jack squat about submissions, but I decided against it. Also, comparing the beautiful and uncommon low single that Couture took Toney down with (the foot sleeves Toney was wearing so he could dig in harder into the mat made the low single a viable option, btw) against the Gracie Shuffle is something I just didn't want to do.

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Beau Speir said...

Well, it's true that MMA vs Boxing is really an unfair comparison. The Boxing style uses the body and the arms to knock out the opponent. Meanwhile, MMA uses the whole body to knock down an opponent, beat them up or force them into submission.