Mar 10, 2011

Renato Paquet vs Leo Vieira BJJ Sparring Session

Here is a video of Renato Paquet (Red Belt) vs Leo Vieira (Black Belt) - If I could have 1/500th the Jiu Jitsu knowledge as Renato Paquet before I die, I'd be happy. Also, I've never seen Leo Vieira play as much defense in a BJJ match as in this video.

Understand something - Renato Paquet is 75 in this video. And he's whooping Leo Vieira in a friendly sparring match using just the basics, and not only that, taps him with what looks like a cross-collar choke from side mount.

Wonderful video- according to a YT commentator, Renato tells Leo at the end:
"The day you get this (red) belt I won't be alive to see... but , as I said to my son once... be sure, when this day comes, you'll feel my presence over there! I'll be there with you for sure & you'll feel it"!
That's a special kind of beautiful right there.


Anonymous said...

What I can say with this video is, age is not a basis of strength. Knowledge, skills and experience overpower the strength of the young ones. And most of all... Always REMEMBER the BASICS.

Anonymous said...

awesome video of 2 legends, thanks for the post