Mar 31, 2011

Sambo No-Gi Throw Combination - Foot Sweep to Yama Arashi

Yama Arashi, or "Mountain Storm" - Sounds like a GI Joe name

Here's a wonderful and simple Sambo/Judo throw combo to try in the over-under clinch position in No-Gi grappling - a foot sweep (sasae tsurikomi ashi?) feint to a Yama Arashi - video below:

The combo works like this:
  • Starting in a neutral over-under clinch
  • Open up some space and feint a foot sweep on the overhook side, causing your opponent to post his weight on that side, finish motion by pulling feinting foot back out
  • Throw other leg across using the new space
  • At the same time, turn and jerk up toward opponent with underhook while pulling down on overhook
  • Sweep up at the outer thigh like you're finishing a uchi-mata to finish the Yama Arashi 

Here is a video of the Yama Arashi with a Gi:

It shows you that the throw requires the momentum of the uke to be going up and toward you at the moment of the throw, which is what the foot sweep feint helps with in the combo above.

Happy throwing.

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Anonymous said...

Good throw combination- I've only done this with a Gi on, but the over-under version seems like an easy transition.