Mar 24, 2011

The Search Function for PKC Actually Works Now!

*Edit* If you need help doing this for your own blogger site, it's really easy- leave a comment and I'll give a step by step. Subscribe to PKC, while you're at it.

As it turns out, the Google Custom Search Engine I had for PKC was terrible, something in between a burning orphanage and Matt Hamill's hearing. [/I'm going to hell] It gave either no result, or crap results.
A considerate Jon Jones giving Matt Hamill a hearing test
BUT FEAR NOT. I have found a solution, and it works now to a reasonable degree (single word searches are clearest) and you can search by author! It's in the same place, top right corner: At the time of this post, there's over 500 posts from PKC for you to go through, so search to your heart's content.

YES. This actually works now.

That's right, aww yeah.

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