Mar 14, 2011

Triangle Defense: The A-Hole Escape - BJJ for MMA

What an A-hole.
Today we have a clever and appropriately named modified-stacking Triangle submission defense called the A-hole escape by Jacen Flynn, BJJ BB and MMA fighter. Why is it called the A-Hole defense? Probably because it has you sticking your knee on your opponent's neck and dropping a lot of pressure on it. I would definitely not recommend this on as a regular defense during BJJ class, but maybe a bit more appropriate for a MMA bout or a jiu-jitsu savvy RBSD course.
-Your head and arm are trapped, and your opponent is trying to work towards a triangle choke
-Drive forward, grip over the across shoulder to keep your opponent from re-adjusting his position
-Post on the hand that was grabbing the shoulder and stack, driving and angling slightly toward the clasped shoulder by bringing the trapped-side leg out
-Before the opponent can hook that leg and try to roll you over, drop that leg's knee right on his neck
-Pull your arm out to avoid a potential armbar and wrap leg that's over your shoulder
-Posture, head up, and lift straight up while putting your weight on the knee to break the figure-4 of the legs
-Pass to Side control or go for the leg attack that's available

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