Apr 9, 2011

Guillotine Choke and Sweep Variations by Jake Shields and Caio Terra

Jake Shields about to Sweep Caio Terra to finish the Guillotine in Mount
  Caio Terra and Jake Shields show off a Guillotine Variation along with its Re-Counter in the video below:

Caio Terra's Guillotine Setup

-Under Closed Guard, Swim your hands out to post your opponent's hands to the mat
-Go for the Kimura and try to finish
-If he locks up and grabs inside his thigh to defend, switch up to the Guillotine by reaching over the neck and getting your hand under the chin, but note the inverted palm (palm toward opponent)
-Switch your hips to the other side while gable gripping your hands together (over the arm)
-Switch your hips back again and cinch up to finish

Jake Shield's Guillotine Sweep to Mount

-Continuing off of Caio's Guillotine
-If the opponent stacks up and starts to climb up -Open up your guard
-Get a butterfly hook under the leg (arm over side)
-Sweep his ass over, post up with the non-guillotine arm and lock your feet for a stable mount 
-Finish the Guillotine from Mount

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