Apr 13, 2011

The Japanese Necktie - Shinya Aoki Instructional

I might be completely wrong and the secret to the submission lies entirely on the neon pants of Aoki

Shinya "Magic Pants" Aoki shows us the Japanese Necktie Choke, and unlike the its cousin, the Peruvian Necktie, made famous by CB Dolloway, the Japanese Necktie is more of a technical trap rather than an explosive surprise submission. Video and explanation below:

The Japanese Necktie

-Off a defended shot or forcing your opponent into a turtle, get a solid bite around the neck (gable grip on side of neck, over neck, threaded under arm)

-Anticipating your opponent rolling toward you, step between his legs, and as he rolls, hook the near leg, pull it toward you, and triangle your legs as you drop to your side to lock his hips and prevent an escape

-Assuming you've kept the bite on the neck strong, cinch the choke in by squeezing at the elbows and extending and arching your body.

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