May 1, 2011

UFC 129 St. Pierre vs. Shields GIFs KO Collection

GSP didn't land a lot of power shots, but his back spinning side kicks were aflowin'

Lyoto Machida started his TKO of Randy Couture with that beautiful front snap kick.
I'm going to try and figure out how to mail a front kick to the next person to call it the "Seagal Kick."

Beautiful Spinning Backfist to end the Makdessi vs Watson fight.
Matyushenko Teeing off on Brilz for the early stoppage.

Beautiful Suplex by Rory MacDonald on Nate Diaz

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KarateFighter said...

Karatefighter ("Kf") on Machida KO of Randy Couture.

Kf says my comments of April 19, 2011 @ "Evading the Low Rear Roundhouse Kick (Muay Thai)" Post now looking prophetic!

As Kf commented before at this blog re Steven Seagal 'front kick,' Seagal has added a body mechanic of his own to the front kick to make it more natural & dynamic in application.

The standard traditional karate front snap kick is more rigid & constrained, harder to do naturally in practice. The offset is the standard karate front kick builds power in the body; later on, the kick delivers a power less reliant on body mechanics, the most obvious kind seen in Muay Thai.

Takes much practice to deliver the same or similar power from the standard karate kick--hard to do. Another benefit, the standard karate control, precise targeting which we see here with Lyoto's high kick to the face kind of exactness.