May 21, 2011

Takanori Gomi vs. Ralph Gracie - One of the shortest fights ever.

The moment the fight begun... and ended.
Still recovering from being sick (I'll get back to being more consistent with posting when I'm better), but this little gem from a few years ago made me laugh a little today. Takanori Gomi vs. Ralph Gracie, one of the shorter fights- if you count from the opening bell, the whole fight lasts about 7 seconds, give or take a second or two. The Fireball Kid lands a hard liver shot on Gracie as the Pitbull goes for the takedown, and the fight is pretty much over from there, even before the knees to seal the deal.

Enjoy the clip below:


KarateFighter said...

Karatefighter ("Kf")on ",,,One of the shortest fights ever."

Kf believes one of the greatest myths of MMA is the superiority of grappling over striking.

Kf is not dismissing grappling; far from it. Most traditional karate programs are way short on grappling. It's a huge weakness.

Flip side, assuming you can enter into grappling range on a good striker, a competent traditional karate fighter, is a Big, Big if.

Many karate practitioners & kickboxers fall prey to grapplers. The reason is that they actually train sport fighting--pure physical hitting acumen.

The 'real deal' traditional karate fighter, however, trains mentally to hit the target. No matter what target presents itself, that's what you hit. This is not a simple concept to master; it involves developing very high-powered mental concentration.

The grappler, in seeking to reach takedown position, must pass through varied striking ranges, making himself a target at each turn. The proficient karate striker will recognize an exposed target & nail it--the goal is to hurt-stop or drop the incoming opponent.


Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu said...

I remember this fight, I wish that the video here was still working.

Anonymous said...

It was not a the shin on the liver, more the knee that hit the head, that caught Ralph as he went for the take-down. Watch the original footage when they show it is slow motion, and you will see Ralph's head snap back.