Sep 5, 2011

Anderson Silva Took Painkillers Before Okami Fight at UFC 134

As far as I'm concerned, Silva should've just waited until after the fight to take painkillers... to Okami.
So here's a legitimately interesting situation: Anderson Silva, before his fight against Yushin Okami at UFC 134, took painkillers for a shoulder injury sustained while training with Junior Dos Santos. Brazil has no Regulatory Committee for this sort of thing, so the Zuffa docs checked and cleared him to fight after Silva told them about it. Although I don't personally believe this had any real effect on the outcome of the fight, if he was fighting in Vegas, they wouldn't have cleared him to fight with painkillers in his system, so is this a big deal or much ado about nothing? Comment below:

Here's the Brazilian interview with Anderson Silva (Use Google Translate from Portuguese to English):

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