Sep 7, 2011

Carlos Condit Replaces Nick Diaz in Upcoming GSP Fight (UFC 137) ...Wait, what?

Edit: It seems Cesar Gracie said Nick "Got what he deserved."

ND: I'm not your friend, buddy!
DW: I'm not your buddy, guy!
ND: I'm not your guy, friend!
Until I have more information, I'm uncertain who's being the bigger tosser here- Nick Diaz or Dana White. Apparently, the Strikeforce champ and current shit-talking king of MMA refused to do promotional events or show up on time, according to White. And so, the UFC president went ahead and canned the Diaz-St. Pierre matchup and replaced Diaz with Carlos Condit.

Now, Condit's a great competitor and whatnot, but I was actually looking forward to this fight. Diaz, like every other fight he's ever gotten into, seemed to be mildly irritating GSP, and watching GSP fight with a little extra motivation is like watching a shark the moment he notices a bleeding seal in the water, or Steven Seagal the moment he smells cooked bacon.

Anyway, this is unfortunate, and you can read more here:

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