Sep 15, 2011

Dragon Style! Ninja-Roll in the Middle of an MMA Fight - GIF

*EDIT* I looked into it, and it turns out he was going for a leglock, which makes it slightly less silly, but I still lose it every time I see him doing a barrel roll in the GIF below.

Question of the day: Awesome or Retarded?
He didn't throw an energy blast at his opponent's face because he believes in fair play.
Looking at those moves, and the guy's general physique, I want to ask him which fighting video game was his primary source of training. I want to wager Tekken.


Charles said...

The line between "awesome" and "retarded" is success. :)

If your weird move doesn't work, you're a goober. If it does work, you're a god in the eyes of fans.

Compare Harold Howard's flip-kick in UFC3 to Anthony Petit's off-the-wall WEC superkick. If Howard had knocked Jennum out, he would have been everybody's hero. If Petit had missed and landed on his rump, we'd have mocked him mercilessly.

Punch Kick Choke said...

You bring up a good point, and as I said, after realizing what he was going for, it became less silly for me.

On the other hand, every time I see his roll, I can't help but think of Eddie Gordo from Tekken and